Membership Agreement

What follows is the membership agreement that you will be asked to sign along with the Farmer when becoming a member


Membership Agreement

Honey Beet Farm is committed to providing the highest quality, sustainably produced vegetables to it’s CSA members. I, the farmer, commit to providing 20 weekly boxes, beginning early June until mid-October, using the best practices for environmental and human health.

You, the CSA member, commit to picking up your share from the agreed upon pickup location every Tuesday between 3pm, to 7pm. You are responsible for making arrangements to have your share picked up if you are unable to make the pickup time. If your share is not picked up, no refund will be offered.

You, the CSA member, commit to understanding the risks of the growing season, and that these risks may affect the availability certain crops. These include weather, pest and disease pressure. I, the farmer, commit to mitigating these challenges using all of my knowledge, experience, and the best possible practices. I commit to growing with diversity to allay the risks and to ensure variety in each box.

You, the CSA member, commit to caring for the totes which will be provided to transport your vegetables, returning them the following week when you pick up your next box, and at the end of the season.

Together, we commit to community, local food, and mutual support throughout the growing season.

SIGN UP: To sign up, or for more information, please fill in the form below




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