About Honey Beet Farm

 Honey Beet Farm is a small scale farm in North Saanich. Farmer Heather Verdin is dedicated to growing wholesome and delicious food using sustainable farming practices. Food will be available to the community through a weekly veggie box program, and at the North Saanich Farmers Market.

Heather Verdin studied sustainable agriculture in the Global Resource Systems program at the University of British Columbia. 2017 is her third year farming solo after completing a farming apprenticeship at 10 Acres Farm. Heather is passionate about farming and eating.

SIGN UP: To sign up for a Weekly Veggie Box, or for more information, please fill in the form below

4 thoughts on “About Honey Beet Farm

  1. congrats Heather… You will leave a mark !

    “Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, without it nothing is ever achieved..”

    Ralph Walden


  2. Heather,
    Congrats on your new site and venture. We are ready to sign up for your small weekly order of $20.
    Sorry I missed you at the studio.
    I will call to confirm our order, if you prefer.


    1. Hi Glynne! Thanks so much for getting in touch! Give me a call when its convenient for you, i seem to have lost your number.


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